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Celebrating 5 Years of Passion. Leadership. Legacy 

The anniversary event featured a keynote address from Ingrid Jacobs, diversity and inclusion manager at Whirlpool Corporation. Jacobs is an experienced leader with excellent communication skills and a proven track record of managing and executing key strategic diversity initiatives. At Whirlpool, she is charged with implementing a corporate-wide inclusion initiative for 67,000 employees. Jacobs spoke under the theme “To be a leader of the future, mediocrity simply won’t cut it.” Highlights of Ingrid’s address included insights on the role of diversity and inclusion in advancing workplace and business strategies domestically and abroad concept of diversity and inclusion, social media and young professionals, business resource groups, and proven ways to engage in networking with impact. Jacobs also discussed the importance of recruiting and retaining young, diverse talent to advance business strategies in the global marketplace, especially in geographic areas like Greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Ms. Jacobs also commented on how grassroots, nonprofit organizations like BL²END positively impact commerce and business, while helping build better communities for all to live, work and play.


Monday, August 15, 2011

DeVos Place

Keynote Speaker:
Ingrid Jacobs, Manager Diversity and Inclusion, Whirlpool

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